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Things a new Pope shouldn’t say in his first public speech. 

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Sketches of Nikolai Gogol, Count Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy, and other Russian artists by poet Alexander Pushkin. (via)


Tourism, Construction and an Ongoing Nuclear Crisis at Chernobyl

From high-end tourism to one of the world’s most ambitious engineering projects, strange things are happening at the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history, which could still kill plenty of people. 

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Animated artwork by Rebecca Mock

Fine, detailed and subtle animated artwork created by New York illustrator Rebecca Mock. Apparently the animated gif back to stay, gradually more and more people are exploring this old format and customers asking for shouting. Several of these illustrations were created for the New York Times or The Warlus magazine.

Beautiful gif art. <3

The art of the subtle gif.


Anja Niedringhaus


House of Ismay

House of Ismay offers since 2008 brooches using old book pages retrieved, cut and pasted in various forms, corresponding with the talent original books at the image of “Of Mice And Men” by John Steinbeck.


March 30th 1853: Van Gogh born

On this day in 1853, the artist Vincent van Gogh was born in Zundert in the Netherlands. The young van Gogh had a keen interest in art, and continued to draw and paint into adulthood. As an adult van Gogh traveled extensively throughout Europe, exploring the different art scenes and becoming especially affected by the French Impressionists. Despite his talent and distinctive art style, van Gogh was unappreciated in his lifetime. The struggling artist also suffered from mental health issues, infamously cutting off his ear and eventually shooting himself aged just 37. In his tragically short life van Gogh left an impressive selection of work, with over 2,000 pieces of art attributed to him. When he died, van Gogh was a little known name; today he is a household name, due to the rediscovery of his art and praise for its unique style, bold colours, and emotionality.

Happy 161st birthday Vincent van Gogh


Watch LeBron.  He’s walking the other way before Ray Allen even touches the ball, and is at half-court by the time it goes in.  That is ice cold.

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”

—   Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

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Foggy Tunnel, Pinerolo | Italy (by Riccardo Alù)


A photographic exploration of the world’s oldest things.

Learn more about the upcoming book here.


Brandon Flowers, Father John Misty and Local Natives cover Johnny Cash songs for La Blogothèque

Brandon Flowers - I Came to Believe

Father John Misty - Baby Ride Easy

Local Natives - Out Among The Stars


Sad first tweet or Saddest first tweet?